Headline News 26 November

Sailing Safety Socialization for Fishermen of Desa Lumpur, Gresik and Launching of INAWIS Application

On November 26, 2021, PT APBS together with the Tanjung Perak Surabaya Main Harbormaster Office at Aston Inn, Gresik conducted a socialization on improving shipping safety and security in the Surabaya West Shipping Line. This activity focuses on collaborating with fishing groups when carrying out fishing activities along the channel.

Mr. Eko Hadi Santoso as Senior Forecastle of the Tanjung Perak Maritime BMKG conveyed several important points such as providing an understanding of maritime weather information in the channel, the Upwelling situation or when the water on the seabed rises to the surface, so that the plankton that also rises become food for the fish that eat it. where the following conditions will help fishermen, then there is also a fishing plan that must pay attention to several causes and effects for mutual safety and finally BMKG provides the INAWIS website application to help fishermen get maximum results when sailing, where this website helps map the Fishing Ground / fishing map fish, wind speed, wind direction, and sea waves. Furthermore, Capt Tri also explained that the socialization had also been carried out in April 2021, and with the socialization that has continued until now. The problems of fishermen in the channel have begun to decrease.

The hope after this event, it can help fishermen to know the principles of shipping safety and security in the Surabaya West Shipping Channel, in addition to using increasingly advanced technology, fishermen can get maximum results.