PT APBS is trusted to Revitalize Port Pools at PT. PELINDO 3 Regional Kalimantan

     Dredging News, PT. APBS was again trusted to do dredging in the area of ​​PT. PELINDO 3. This time PT. APBS is trusted to dredge port pools in the PT. PELINDO 3 Kalimantan Region precisely at Mertapura Baru Port and Trisakti Port. It is hoped that the revitalization of the port pool at the port can facilitate the flow of vessels that will lean on the PT. PELINDO 3 Kalimantan Region Especially Mertapura Baru Pier, Trisakti Pier and Banjarmasin Container Pier. Moreover, the government currently echoes the sea highway program which will be expected to facilitate the distribution of goods so that it can reduce prices to be more stable and guarantee availability of goods especially in Kalimantan.

This Revitalization Project has been held since January 10, 2019 and is being worked on with one Golden Deer TK dredger which is a type of grab dredger known for its strength to lift corals and make shipping lanes. The volume of revitalization work at Martapura Baru Pier is ± 23,000 m3 with ± 3.9 m LWS depth, at Trisakti Pier ± 3,700 m3 with ± 6.8 m LWS depth and at Banjarmasin Container Pier dredging volume is ± 6,000 m LWS with ± 6.8 depth m LWS. It is hoped that this revitalization can provide a smooth flow of ships that want to dock in the Kalimantan Region and can also attract the attention of large vessels to be able to stop in Kalimantan.